The Rotary Club of Placerville discovered the need for a few essential items that could help the most vulnerable in our population.  This project was done in coordination with Marshall Medical Center's coordinator of care for vulnerable populations.
The Rotary Club of Placerville spent a recent Sunday afternoon putting together 600 small bags of needed items for the county’s vulnerable population.  The idea came from Danno Raffetto, the longest serving member of the Rotary Club of Placerville, after seeing an article in the Rotarian Magazine.  Club President Kurt Raffetto contacted Marshall Medical Center’s Shaunda Crane, the Director of Care Coordination for Vulnerable Populations, as to the need and what items would best be included. Crane suggested bandages, anti-biotic ointment, soap, and snacks.  Dennis Thomas of Robinson’s Pharmacy offered up bandages and ointment at cost and Dr. Madeline Majer of Cold Springs Dental provided toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Placerville Rotarians secured the rest of the items.  The club has been unable to hold any fundraisers over the course of the last year so club members have made donations to cover the cost of the bags and goods inside.

Bags were distributed to the Placerville Police Department and the Marshall Foundation for Community Health.  Placerville officers will hand them out as needed and Crane will distribute them as she administers street medicine and COVID vaccinations to the areas’ vulnerable population.
 From Shaunda Crane, Marshall Medical Director of Care Coordination for Vulnerable Populations, “Please thank the Rotary for their generosity with the goody bags.  I’ve had the opportunity to share them with our lower socioeconomic people in our rural areas.  I tell them it’s from Rotary and they all oooo and awwww.  They don’t get things like that often and are all very excited and thankful.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.” 
Photos of the event and distribution are in an album to the right side of the home page.